The engine of an aircraft with opened side and structures for maintenance in the hangar.


Safety, lightweight, comfort and highest performance in extreme conditions are essential characteristics to consider when designing aircraft that meet the economical, sustainable and safety demands of the aerospace market. Our OEM approved aerospace tapes are tailored to facilitate handling, create optimal surfaces and increase protection and lifetime in aircraft composite molding. Tapes designed for bonding, sealing and insulation fulfill the toughest functional and performance requirements to protect passengers, aircraft structure and sensitive components. Discover how our tapes can significantly reduce maintenance costs through fast and clean-peel removability and increase aircraft life with reliable protection from vibration, corrosion and fluids. Pulling double duty, our products also increase passenger safety displaying flammable resistance, low-toxicity, extreme temperature resistance and high dielectric strength.


Composite Molding

Specialty adhesive tapes that protect tooling, create smooth surfaces in composite molding applications and extend the life of your composite molding tools.

Thermal Spray

We provide a complete line of tapes with excellent thermal and abrasion resistance for grit-blasting, flame spray and thermal spray, plasma spray, and High Velocity, Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) processing.



Flyaway material solutions must meet various challenging criteria, with high performance in terms of extreme temperatures, dielectric strength, adhesion, peelability — or, most critically — flame retardancy.