Workers coordinating the construction of a modern office building with glass facades and cladding


Buildings and their components are designed to protect people and structures from weathering, temperature, external forces, pollution, sound and many other factors while at the same time creating a comfortable and safe environment for the well-being of those inside. Whether for the building envelope or interior applications, we address your sealing, bonding, fireproofing, water storage, visual and acoustic challenges. From high-performance gasketing foams and foam-in-place gasketing to structural glazing spacer tapes, we support design flexibility, specific needs and local requirements to reduce overall costs and materials with strong all-in-one solutions for your building and construction projects.



Ensuring total system closure is essential for tapes used in HVAC to generate thermal comfort and good air quality in indoor and vehicular environments.

LED Lighting

Tapes for LED lighting protect from environmental and other stressors to enhance performance and longevity for in- and outdoor applications.

Structural Glazing

Structural Glazing defines a range of frameless structural systems in interior or façade applications, providing great visual appeal and functional purposes.

Window Fabrication

Bonding and sealing combined in one tape meet today's window fabrication demands in glazing bar, security glazing and vinyl welding applications.


One World Trade Center in Manhattan, built with Thermalbond | Saint-Gobain

Safe & Secure: How Glass Reliably Adheres to Skyscrapers

Spacer tape, a key component in structural silicone glazing systems, maintains a uniform distance between the glazing panel and the structure and provides a locating surface for the silicone structural sealant.