March 08, 2022


Saint-Gobain® Tape Solutions has supported the energy industry for over 65 years with materials that prioritize application performance and function. However, consumer needs and choices are changing the landscape of the industry by putting access to reliable clean power sources at the center. While the ability to deliver reliable performance in extreme conditions has remained the same, we’re excited to present what sets our portfolio and experience apart at Clean Power 2022.

Wind Mill Blades | Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

Each sector of this market has unique needs and expectations for the materials used within an array of applications. Choosing the right material takes a wealth of knowledge and understanding of substrates and adhesives, and how they function together within an application. Where Saint-Gobain can make a difference is by bringing our experience and material know-how together to offer products that deliver much more than just functionality. But what does that mean in practice?

For wind energy, our high-performance products set the standard for composite molding tapes in applications like flash masking, mold release and tool protection. The use of our tapes in these applications reduce product defects and improve overall quality, while simultaneously extending the life of expensive composite molding tools. Our high-temperature, non-stick products are key to improving production and reducing waste. 

Battery storage at a Solar Farm with switch gear

In stationary storage, a mix of high voltage tapes and gasketing materials can improve performance and safety of the end product. For bundling applications, our UL-certified adhesive tapes offer higher service temperature capabilities with the added benefit of flame retardance. For added safety, our full line of thermally conductive silicone products is designed to enhance thermal performance of electrical systems that mitigate the risk of overheating thanks to UL (Underwriter Laboratories) 94-V0 certification. 

No matter the application, we have a full team of experienced materials engineers ready to support your project, leveraging our large and unique portfolio of high-quality products to achieve your application CTQs (Critical to Quality requirements). As access to renewable energy grows globally, our team and products are positioned to support this ever-changing landscape in creating a greener future.