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We have a large and unique portfolio of high-quality products that cover many markets and applications. In most cases, these standard products fulfill the most important CTQs. But where an existing product may not be the best solution, we have the know-how, capabilities, and willingness to create custom solutions. To serve you best, our custom solutions approach goes beyond new product design. It extends to an elevated level of Customized Technical Support and Value-Added Services. Most importantly our experts are keen to develop and grow ideas where ordinary is just not enough.

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What to Expect
Trusted Partnership

Our ambition is to grow our customers’ business as a true partner. We are flexible and willing to go the extra mile for you to create custom solutions that solve specific needs that out-of-the-box products sometimes cannot.

High Success Rates

We strive to minimize project time and costs for our customers, by leveraging a large portfolio of materials and technologies, dedicated specialists with decades of experience and state-of-the-art equipment. This is the backbone for high success rates.

Close Collaboration

We streamline the custom solutions process by providing direct access to our local experts and global technical team.  You can expect consistent and responsive human-to-human communication throughout our collaboration.

Exceptional Experience

A long history of successful custom solutions projects, spanning decades, has provided us the expertise and processes to deliver faster and avoid potential issues right from the start. 

Full Transparency

Proven custom solutions processes ensure full transparency and high planning certainty at all stages, with options to adjust if needed. 

Regional & Global Capabilities

The custom solutions team brings you a personal, focused and nimble collaboration partner backed by the world-class expertise and resources of Saint-Gobain. Our regional R&D centers, equipped with the latest technologies allows us to serve our customers locally, with global solutions.


Create Exclusive Products, Designs Or Adhesive Formulations Tailored To Your Specific Applications And Demands
  • Phase


  • Evaluation Phase

Before the start of a Co-Development project, the details and requirements are analyzed with you and documented in a Product Requirement Outline (PRO) sheet. Through collaboration between you, our technical and sales teams, complexity, probable timing, calculation of resources and price as well as technical feasibility are examined. With the technical feasibility agreed to by all parties, the project moves forward with the creation of samples.

  • Sample Phase

The best candidates are chosen from a large variety of available materials and technologies for first sampling on pilot machinery. Rapid prototyping capabilities like in-house adhesive development, lab-coaters, internal converting capabilities (slitting, die-cut, laser cutter, etc.) and testing capabilities shorten the process and allow for cost-effective first trials - even for lesser amounts. Lab sheets, pilot coating or 2D profiles are possible outcomes to be tested in your environment. They are good indicators for serial production yet cannot be considered as final solutions.

  • Customer Feedback

Based on the feedback of the customer, either a new round of samples with different parameters is considered or the project enters trial phase.

  • Trial Phase

After sample validation, a small amount of material is produced under real production conditions. This may include pilot foam casting, pilot laminating, pilot coating and die-cutting. At the end of trial phase, the examination of commercial feasibility for scale-up production is made and first finished products are available for testing.

  • Production Phase

Production of larger quantities is carried out on full-scale equipment for process optimization, in-depth quality control and cost validation. Validation of the final quality, costs and manufacturability closes the Co-Development project.

Manufacturing processes are evolving at an accelerating pace, driven by innovations in materials science, automation, and demands for sustainability. Material solutions that work fine today are likely to be replaced on the next product introduction. At Tape Solutions we see these trends as opportunities, not barriers. The ability to quickly adapt our products to individual customers’ needs is at the core of our business.

Joseph, Global Custom Solutions Manager, Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions 




We will help you choose the right product from our standard portfolio, or one with small deviations that still fulfill your needs in a particularly good way.  Our tape experts are available to identify cost-effective alternatives for your consideration, saving you time and effort and allowing you to focus on growing your business.  

In cases where no standard product is suitable for the application, other options or Co-Development can be considered. 



We can often recreate an application at our manufacturing sites to generate the data needed to recommend the right solution. More complex testing like UV or flame performance, can be tested at our dedicated Saint-Gobain R&D Centers. Often the best results are achieved from testing the properties and functionality of a solution with original customer supplied parts, or on-site with actual machinery and processes. This saves time and money, allows for fast and reliable information, helps to avoid trial-and-error scenarios, minimizes risks and can streamline your project.



The goal of Competitive Benchmarking is to find suitable alternatives from our portfolio to replace currently used materials. Often, it is not simply about finding lower-cost alternatives, but rather finding value-added solutions where tapes can improve your process speed and efficiency. Finding cost-effective alternatives, that are a better fit for the application needs, or add value can pay off for you in many ways. In-house capabilities, direct connection with dedicated experts and processes minimize time, costs and effort. Our comprehensive approach leads to an optimized processes and competitive advantages far beyond replacing a product one for one. 



Our regional manufacturing sites are equipped with modern testing equipment to provide fast and accurate information on the products we offer. When standard testing is not enough, our teams can fall back on our global research and development centers with extraordinary capabilities. In total, we are equipped to execute hundreds of different test methods covering physical, chemical, thermal, electrical, environmental and many other categories.



We can pair customer-supplied materials with our wide selection of adhesives. Depending on the materials, the final products can be supplied in log rolls, slit rolls, spools, sheets, or die-cut parts. You benefit from our large portfolio of materials and manufacturing expertise.



Films, foils, non-wovens and textiles can be combined with adhesive layers to create unique, multi-layer laminates. You can choose from a wide range of adhesives, substrates, and liners. Thermal laminations of thermopolymers and fluoropolymers are possible as well. 



Multiple in-house conversion options are available. Rapid prototyping allows for real-life testing and simulation before serial production, minimizing time and costs. 


Portrait of Fei EV Technology Program Manager


Research & Development Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

In more than 10 years tenure with Saint-Gobain, I was able to develop and add my know-how in chemistry and polymer science to develop innovative solutions for many industries. It is very rewarding to help customers solve their problems and pain points and to contribute to making our world safer, faster, more efficient and more sustainable.

Nicola, Project Leader R&D


Research & Development Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

After more than 10 years in the R&D team, I experienced that direct customer contact and the opportunity to get to know various customer applications are key factors for customized solutions.

Benoit, EU & NA R&D Team Leader PU & PVC Solutions


Research & Development Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

What I enjoy the most in working with our R&D team is that - every day - we try to give our best in designing optimal solutions that fit our customer’s needs regarding quality, properties, and timeline.