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Electric vehicles (EV) require battery pack protection solutions that address extreme conditions of temperature, smoke, fire, air and water that are encountered. With safety and performance being top priorities, our products are a great fit for compression/tolerance pads, thermal runaway protection, pack sealing/gasketing/cushioning, electrical insulation and thermal interface material applications. From thermally conductive, insulated and intumescent materials to silicone and microcellular polyurethane foams, we have the solutions to drive the future of battery-operated vehicles.


Compression Pads

Compression and tolerance pads from Saint-Gobain made for electric vehicle batteries that provide consistent deflection force and are electrically insulating.

Pack Seals

Protect the EV battery pack against the external environment by sealing the battery with low compression set gasket foams from Saint-Gobain.

Thermal Interface Materials

Promote battery pack performance with thermally conductive silicone gap filler for EV batteries to help conduct the heat away and regulate battery temperatures.

Thermal Runaway Protection

Create a thermal barrier to minimize fire propagation with silicone and polyurethane products that protect EV batteries against thermal runaway.

Electric Vehicle Protection Products
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