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The industrial market is unparalleled in terms of its application diversity and potential, posing a challenge to suppliers who take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to product development. From thermal spray masking to home appliance manufacturing, heat sealing and more, we offer strong solutions tailored to the individual needs and challenges of your specific market and application, along with the flexibility to create or customize a product that will improve manufacturing efficiency and overall quality of the finished part. With know-how as expansive as the industrial market that informed it, we’re prepared to offer you products and services that are anything but standard.


Heat Sealing

High-quality heat sealing tapes provide a non-stick, abrasion resistant surface designed for use in high temperature heat sealing applications, including food, medical and pharmaceutical packaging.

Home Appliances

From transfer tapes to PVC and PUR bonding tapes, our tape solutions for appliances provide superior bonding to a variety of materials, advanced sealing, cushioning, and vibration dampening, and the ability to conform to complicated parts. 


Offering high-performance edge blocking pads designed to enhance productivity and decrease waste, especially for advanced anti-reflective and super-hydrophobic coatings.

Thermal Spray

We provide a complete line of tapes with excellent thermal and abrasion resistance for grit-blasting, flame spray and thermal spray, plasma spray, and High Velocity, Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) processing.



From grit blast to high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF), we have a full range of adhesive tapes for thermal spray coating processes available with highly conformable backings made to maximize abrasion resistance and leave behind clean edges during removal.