Hand holding a transparent, circular glass lens with clean water droplets streaming down its surface.


For the lens edging process to be successful (the final shaping of an ophthalmic lens), the mounting element must be precisely centered on the convex surface of the optical lens – preventing slippage and guaranteeing high reliability. Blocking pads are the only component to secure the lens in place during the abrasive edge process, and the performance of the pad is crucial to enable prescription fulfillment. Our high-performance blocking pads for a wide range of lens materials, machinery and coatings feature unique foam core and adhesive technologies designed to deliver consistent quality for reproducibility in manufacturing. With Polyurethane and PVC options ranging from general use to more specific compatibility with the latest generation anti-reflective and super-hydrophobic coatings, we have a wide range of blocking pads to fulfill orders faster and with less cost and waste.