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Increased demand for safety, quality, design and comfort in today's transportation market drives the need for innovative materials that support efficient manufacturing technologies, and processes and allow for more environmentally friendly solutions. Address these needs with bonding and sealing tapes that achieve superb longevity, durability and safety and protect against noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). The availability of rolls, sheets, spools and highly precise die-cut parts increases flexibility and makes the assembly process more efficient. Special formulations and materials that create strong connections on various substrates and lasting seals that combine good temperature, environmental, chemical and mechanical resistance with vibration dampening make our solutions ideal for your transportation needs on road, rails, water or in the air.



Our OEM approved aerospace tapes are tailored to meet the highest aircraft composite molding, sealing, insulation, protection and safety needs.

Commercial & Specialty Vehicles

OEM approved attachment and sealing solutions with proven longevity and durability meet the needs of today's commercial and specialty vehicles.


Tapes that ensure safety, health, and hygiene on board, and improve passenger comfort and travel experience in rail applications.



Drawing on our experience and competencies to bring in new solutions, we strive to evolve as technology changes, and are willing to tailor to the industry’s specific needs.